User Manual


I can't figure out how to work these courses!

We understand this is a new system and navigating it may prove difficult at first. Click here to learn how to navigate the courses.

Where's the quiz?

Each quiz will display under the video only AFTER the video has fully finished playing. You can find the quiz here in the Lesson Check Box. Click the title to begin the quiz. You can find screenshots of where to find this in the Course Navigation walkthrough below.

I was logged out! Why?

DPR requires an automatic logout if you are inactive for more than 15 minutes. 

To avoid this, simply move your mouse once in a while.

If you move to another tab or window to view something else while taking the course, the video will pause. Simply go back to the tab or window the video is in and click anywhere on the video to resume.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are logged out from inactivity, you will lose your progress and will need to start whatever video you were on from the beginning.

I was auto-logged out and now my profile page is empty - HELP!

You will need to log out and then log back in. Once you log back in, all of your courses will appear in your My courses page again.

What's with the timer?

The timer is there only to give you an idea of how much time has elapsed. If the timer runs out before the video is complete, it doesn’t mean you’re done. You MUST continue watching the video. The quiz will not appear below the video until the video is finished.

I have a coupon - where do I enter it?

You can enter your coupon on the checkout page. First, add a course to your cart, then click Checkout. At the top of the checkout page you will see a blue bar that instructs you to enter your coupon. Click this to open an input field where you can paste your coupon code. See here for screenshots.

I took the final test, but don't see a Certificate of Completion

The Lesson Check quiz (after the first video) does not require any type of passing score to move on to the next video. However, the Final Test requires a score of at least 70% to receive your Certificate of Completion. If you score less than 70%, please use the navigation on the left to select the Final Test and take it again until you get a passing score of at least 70%. Only when you pass the final test will you see your Certificate of Completion in your My Courses page.

New User

  1. Go to
  2. Click Registration to create your new account

3. Fill out the Registration form – make sure to follow the directions carefully.

4. Once you are successfully registered, you will see this screen:

5. Click the logo in the top left to return to the Home page.

6. Choose the course you want to take from the Course Library on the Home page and follow the steps for checkout.

7. If you have a coupon code to enter, you will do it here, on the checkout page. 

8. Once you complete checkout, click on the My Courses tab at the top to find your newly purchased course. Click the title of the course to start OR, if you have already started a course previously, expand the section and click the course section where you last left off.

Returning User

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Login/Logout

3. Fill out your email address, password, and complete the security question

4. Once you successfully login, you will be redirected to your Profile page. Here you can access all of your purchased courses and certificates of completion. If you have not yet purchased any courses, please click the logo in the top left corner to return to the Home page where you can choose a course. Go through the checkout steps and then return to your profile by clicking on the My Courses tab at the top to get started.

Important Note about Checkout

If you have reached the checkout stage of purchasing a course without logging into your account first, you will see a required section at the end of the checkout screen that is asking you to create a username and password.

STOP! Do not enter a new or existing user name or password here. The courses you purchase will not be linked to an account and your certificate of completion will not contain your proper information. You will need to retake the course under the proper account if this happens. INSTEAD if you reach this section, please scroll back up to the top and either create your account through the Registration link or, if you have an account already, Click Returning Customer? Click here to login. This will ensure your purchase will be properly linked to your account.

Navigating the Courses

1. In your My Courses tab, you’ll find all of your purchased courses. To start a course, click on the title.

2. The first step of the course is a Fraud Acknowledgement. Click I agree and then click Finish Quiz

3. Then click the button to Continue on the next screen

4. The next screen is your first video in the course. Make sure to read the disclaimer carefully. 
     – If you are inactive during the course for more than 15 minutes, you will be automatically logged out. 
    – If you navigate away from the course to another tab or window, your progress will be paused and you may be logged out.

5. Once you’re finished with the video, you will see a box below the video labeled Course Content. Click on the title of the Lesson Check int his box to start the mid-course quiz.    
    – If you skip this step and click Next Lesson it will replay the video you just watched. You cannot progress to the next video until you complete the Lesson Check quiz.

6. At any point during the course, you can use the navigation to the left to get around.

7. Once the full course has been completed, you have taken the final test, and have passed with a score of at least 70%, click on My Courses to view your certificate of completion. If you click on the certificate icon, you will be able to print out your certificate.

Please create your account by clicking on Registration before purchasing any courses.

If you already have an account, please log in before purchasing new courses.